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Humans Dressed As T. Rex’s Racing Is My New Favorite Sport

I’m crying. I’m crying

7 Funny TikToks You Can Show Your Stupid Friend(s) That’ll Help Them Be Less Misinformed

Karan Menon combines facts with funny to break down complicated political issues, racism, AND MORE!

Exclusive Interview With The Creators Of ‘For Heaven’s Sake’

Mike Mildon and Jackson Rowe sat down with us over Zoom to discuss what it was like trying to solve the coldest of cold cases

A Scottish Man Drunkenly Woke Up In A Stranger’s House And It’s The Most Hilarious Party Story Ever

"Trust me, there was no party here last night"

This Woman’s Maternity Shoot With Her Thesis Is Pure Joy

What a beautiful baby

Slapping Contests Are A Real Thing And They’re Hardcore AS HELL

Okay ouch

Millennials Are On TikTok... And They Haven’t Ruined it!?

Millennials are notoriously good at ruining things, but Gen Y creators like Rod are helping TikTok connect to an even bigger audience AND further validate the Gen Z experience

Em Schulz And Christine Schiefer Are Masters Of The Unconventional

The hosts and creators of the wildly successful podcast ‘And That’s Why We Drink’ talk adapting to the pandemic, their 200th episode milestone, and how podcasts can create positive social change.

Terrible Valentine’s Day Stories To Make You Feel Better About Your Own

They can’t all be winners

Some Last Minute Nicolas Cage Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, honey bunny!

This Dad’s Photoshoot Of His Baby Doing Manly Things Is Hysterical

This is parenting done right

It’s Time We Stopped Pretending That Puzzles Are Fun

They are bad and they must be stopped

Some Brave Canadian Tried To Buy Weed Online With A Fake Thor ID

This is the story of the weirdest application my sister has ever received at her weed dispensary

Okay So Marble Racing Is The Greatest Sport Ever Invented

I am addicted to watching tiny glass balls roll through tracks dug out of sand and you should be too

Aida Osman On Forging Her Own Path In Comedy And How The Industry Needs To Grow

"If I want representation for someone who looks like me and has all the different facets of my identity, I’m going to have to make that character."


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How To Be A Jerk To Yourself w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 8)

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay connected to your friends so you can be a jerk to them anywhere, any time.


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How To Be A Jerk To Your Friends w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 7)

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay connected to your friends so you can be a jerk to them anywhere, any time.?


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These Holiday Movies Must Be Made

It’s time to stop making shitty holiday movies and start making these not shitty ones


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How To Be A Jerk To Your Neighbors w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 6)

The biggest jerk in your building took this master class and now you can too!


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How To Be A Jerk When You Travel w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 5)

When spreading a deadly virus is no longer a thing, you’ll need to get back to basics to be a jerk when you travel.

Someone Made A Gingerbread Xenomorph, And Also Won Christmas

In space, no one can hear you carol

Will Ferrell And Zooey Deschanel Recreated Their ‘Elf’ Duet And It’s The Holiday Spirit We All Need

The cast reunited this weekend for a live table read of the 2004 movie

The Grinch Surprised This Girl’s Holiday Photo Shoot And The Pictures Are Hilarious

Merry Christmas to Shemika and her family, and thank you for sharing the gift of these hilarious photos with the world


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How To Be A Jerk To Your Family w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 3)

Being a good parent is hard. But thanks to this class, being a shitty parent is easy!

10 Funny Festive Songs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Our favorite tunes to rock around the Christmas tree to

Please, for the Love of God, Stop Going to Orgies During a Pandemic

Never thought that would be a sentence I’d type but here we are


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How To Be A Jerk To A Stranger?w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 2)

If you’ve done any of these things to a waiter - congrats! You’re a horrible person AND - we think you should totally take this master class so you can reach your full jerk potential!

This Guy Is Making TikToks With His Dead Family And I Feel Bad For How Hard I Laughed

The family’s dead dog is also involved.

This Couple Takes Awkward Christmas Photos Ever Year And I Am HOWLING

They’re just so... so beautiful


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How To Be A Jerk In A Relationship w/ Amanda Cerny (Lesson 1)

Brie Summers (Amanda Cerny) reprioritized her life and put in the work to become a full time piece of shit. Now you can too by following her step-by-step guides!

Caleb Hearon Is An A24 Slut

But perhaps even more importantly, he’s got some really vital things to say about masculinity and existing as a man in the world

Learn To Never Trust English Again With This Book

Beware! It’s hard to read this book when it’s allowed. Erm, aloud.


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How To Spend Thanksgiving ALONE

Salt Wine, Mash potato, Trash Turkey and more! These easy, delicious Thanksgiving recipes for one are so good, you’ll forget you’re spending the holiday completely alone.

Finally You Can Wear Your Own ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s definitely a fashion statement

There’s A Petition For Danny DeVito To Play Wolverine So Drop Everything And Sign It

I need this. WE need this.

This University Has A ‘Draw Danny DeVito Wall’ And I Want To Enroll

This is truly, truly incredible work by everyone involved


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Johnno and Michael Try New Years

Johnno and Michael didn’t do ANY of their New Year’s resolutions, AND THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER. Thankfully?they have eight hours - but can they get everything done in time!?

The CDC Recommends You Watch These TikToks To Distract Yourself From This Never-Ending Quarantine

I spend more time watching these content creators on the internet than I do seeing my friends - and during COVID - that’s totally okay!


Edgardo Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

Edgardo Allan Poe (not to be mistaken for Edgar Allan Poe), Latin America’s #1 Horror Writer, reads "The Raven".??By Alexis Pereira

Join Me On The Insane Rabbit Hole That Is Dean Browning’s Twitter

Bring some water and snacks because this is a doozy


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How To Get Trump To Concede

Here’s a guided meditation to help Trump accept he’s lost the election.