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Ryan Reynolds Finally Watched ‘Green Lantern’ And Live-Tweeted His Reactions

He’s a hero for even embarking on this journey

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Okay, Hear Me Out— Jurassic Park But Every Dinosaur Is Pee-wee Herman

Pee-wee, uh, finds a way

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Will Ferrell And Zooey Deschanel Recreated Their ‘Elf’ Duet And It’s The Holiday Spirit We All Need

The cast reunited this weekend for a live table read of the 2004 movie

Matthew McConaughey Hosted Virtual Bingo For A Senior Center And It’s Delightful

*Choking back tears* alright alright alright

Alright, Fine, Macaulay Culkin Has The Best Mask Ever

The competition is over, everyone go home

Ryan Reynolds Releases Giant Bottle Of Gin For Homeschooling Parents

I’ll take five


Nominated / A Short Film About Finn Wittrock’s Crazy Lyft Ride To The Emmys

In this short film, Finn Wittrock is forced to take a Lyft to the Emmys and becomes embroiled in his driver’s personal life


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Ode to Kathy Bates


Meet The Voice Behind All Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Rob Paulsen has been one of the busiest voice actors in Hollywood for over 30 years, and after recently surviving cancer, he’s got nothing but hope and joy to share with everyone.

Watch Jack Black Shave His Entire Quarantine-Do And Enjoy 5 Minutes Of Peace

I don’t know why this was so soothing but I’ll take it

It’s Will Ferrell’s Birthday!


Your Favorite Comedians Are Teaming Up with Feeding America To Raise Money For Families Impacted By COVID-19

Confirmed comedians include Jack Black, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Kenan Thompson & MORE

What Does Fate Have In Store For Kevin Bacon?

The season finale of The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon is here!

Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, And Jimmy Fallon’s Soap Opera Sketch Literally Had Me In Tears

The costume changes alone made me WHEEZE

Will Ferrell’s Valentine’s Day Cards Are Truly, Truly Special

Viveca is a lucky lady

Kevin Bacon Could Be In Mortal Danger In His New Podcast

Friendship? Revenge?? FOOTLOOSE?! Buckle up, this wild ride starts Feb. 17

Trump Proudly Tweets ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Clip That’s, Uh, Mocking Him

What’s that saying about forests and trees

Jim Carrey Puts A Dramatic Spin On His Old Iconic Comedy Lines

I would watch the hell out of an Ace Ventura musical to be honest

Billy Porter’s Magical, Motorized Hat Is The Meme We Need And Deserve

These memes breathed new life into me

Watch Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock Fight For Betty White’s Love

This is definitely the most intense rendition of the birthday song I’ve ever heard


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Elevator Pitch: A Star Is Undead

The craziest "A Star Is Born" sequel ever conceived

Five Of The Best Moments From The Golden Globes

WHEW, what a NIGHT

The Promo Clip For Eddie Murphy’s Return To SNL Has Me Beyond Hyped



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Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Richard Jefferson

Tig Notaro has no clue who Richard Jefferson is...and he’s sitting right in front of her.

Billy on the Street with MARIAH CAREY!!! A Holiday Miracle!!!

Samuel L. Jackson Is The New Voice Of Alexa, This Is A Definite Need

I can confidently say this is going to be the best dollar I will ever spend in my life


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Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Debby Ryan

Tig Notaro doesn’t know who Debby Ryan is, but her drive to figure it out is insatiable.


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Mike Pence Is Gearing Up For The Presidency With This LEAKED Website

These exclusive details were revealed to us from someone within the White House


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Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Tony Shalhoub

Josh Brolin Tried Buttchugging The Sun, Suffered The Consequences

This is a cautionary tail (get it)

The Best Moments From Will Ferrell’s Five-Timer ‘SNL’ Episode

Last weekend Will played — and totally nailed — both sides of the political aisle

Kristen Bell Got Her Own Hollywood Star And Her Speech Was Amazing

You know it’s gonna be good when a speech starts with "my husband always says I was born with a horseshoe up my ass"

Snoop Dogg Basically Just Dubbed Himself Sexiest Man Alive And I Support It

It’s what he deserves

Jeff Gets Into The Autumn Spirit By Admiring Leaves And Stabbing Some Yams

I mean, ’tis the season and all