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TV’s biggest sports announcer has hit rock bottom – bottom of the ninth, that is. Brockmire (Hank Azaria) follows a famed major league baseball announcer who suffers an embarrassing and very public meltdown live on the air after discovering his beloved wife’s serial infidelity.

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Brockmire Season 4 Premieres TONIGHT

Somebody has to save baseball, and Jim Brockmire’s stepping up to the plate

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Check Out Brockmire’s Best Tweets From The Big Game

Who needs TV announcers when you’ve got Twitter?

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Yep, He’s Still Brockmire: Season 3 Of ‘Brockmire’ Premieres 4/3

The new season of Brockmire starts 4/3 on IFC, but we’re bringing you the first episode right now. Enjoy.

Bob Costas Finds Out Who Gave Him That Olympics Pink Eye In The New Trailer For ‘Brockmire’ Season 3

The new season of Brockmire starring Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet premieres Wednesday, April 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on IFC — and we’re already drunk with glee.


Hank Azaria And Tyrel Jackson Williams Test Their Mental Stability

Hank Azaria and his co-star Tyrel Jackson Williams sit down to test their mental stability after working together on the latest season of Brockmire.


What People Are Saying About Brockmire

Hear what people are saying about our latest TV series Brockmire.


Jim Brockmire hits 'Brock Bottom' with Tony Hale

Tony Hale tries to promote his film but has to dodge sexual humiliation, porn shame, and death questions from Jim Brockmire (Hank Azaria). Watch Brockmire on IFC every Wednesday at 10pm.

The Best Of Hank Azaria's Twitter Takeover

Hank Azaria, star of Brockmire on IFC, took over the @FunnyOrDie Twitter to answer all your burning questions before the series premiere!

Jim Brockmire Suffers From Pathological Honesty

Listen to Jim Brockmire. Drink some good f*cking Samuel Adams beer!